Friday, July 6, 2012

Knit project: "5 hour sweater"

The actual knitting took about 12 hours, but I'm kinda slow.  Then I let it sit, unfinished, for about a year.  But now, with a new 2nd cousin almost here, I had a reason to finish it and send it out.  So, another 15 minutes of tucking in the ends and sewing on a button, voila!  I give you a cute, "5 hour", 1 year baby sweater! 


Christie said...

With knitting, I'm great at starting and getting very close to finishing but it is the final couple of steps that always do me in. That sweater is adorable. Do you have a pattern you care to share? I have another niece expected in three weeks!

Dr. A said...

Of course, I meant to link to the Ravelry pattern. It's really fast and has very little finishing since it's all in one piece, or nearly all. And it is fast. I think I'll make another one!

And yes, the last finishing steps always take the longest.