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Friday, September 24, 2010

Robin June 7 months

This month has been very busy for our littlest.  Last week she popped out her first tooth, and the second one is working its way through as we speak.  While we're excited about the new chompers, we're more excited about getting back to normal sleep.  Why, oh why, are little babies put through teething?

Other than the dental advances, Robin is very active in her babbling.  Sometimes it sounds like she really is saying words already.  Today she did her very first sign, "More" as in "mama, I really want more pancake, please."  That's the other big advance: food.  The kid is a champion eater.  She doesn't eat a ton, but she does well with most things we've presented to her.  And she's already past the purees, and rather prefers to gnaw at the hunks herself.  She's independent like that.  She continues to be incredibly engaged in play, and eagerly tries to figure things out, and figure out how to get her hands on whatever Erin is playing with.  Which is only fair since Erin is constantly trying to take whatever Robin is playing with.  Ahhhhh siblings.

Still no back-to-belly rolling, but the girl is darned close.  She's also scooting around and can do 360s on her belly and scoot backwards.  Then typically comes a high pitched screech as she expresses frustration at her body not getting her to where her mind wants her to go.

She's got an infectious laugh, a heart stopping smile, and has learned to give awesome, slobbery baby kisses.  We're totally smitten.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Saturday by Erin

First we drove a long, long way.  We went over a bridge.  I saw my Great Grandpa and Great Grandma.  They gave me jellybeans and read me Peter Rabbit. 
(Mom's note: Erin and Robin have 3 Great Granparents.  2 are 90 years old, 1 is turning 90 in a few weeks!)

Then I went to Grammy and Papa's house.  We ate sandwiches.  We went swimming.  The pool was warm but the wind was c-c-c-cold. 

Papa is teaching me how to swim.  He catches me when I jump. 

Then we went to a party.  It was fun. I was tired.  It was a busy day. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello Big Girl Seat

It occurred to me that we often mark the "firsts" in our, and our children's, lives.  Rarely do we mark the "lasts".

Today was the last day we used an infant car seat.  Robin has moved up to a "big girl" seat.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Friday - Pajama Time!

Robin's PJ's: Carters (a lovingly passed-down from These Lovely Folk.)
Erin's PJ's: Baby Lulu

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ribbon Dancers

Here's a video of Erin's second dance class (Mommy forgot the camera for the first). I love how the kids all get a deer-in-the-headlight look from time to time.  This teacher must have lots of patience.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Friday - Fuzzy Buns

And our youngest of models is showing the latest in cute cloth diapers, adjustable and adorable in lime green.

Oh, and we're trying to get her to be the youngest McMiller walker ever. She's got the will, but the coordination she's still working on.

An aside: the cute "shirt" Erin is wearing is really one of Robins dresses. Guess we'll get a few years of wear out of that one!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Robin June 28 weeks

This was going to be a wordless wednesday post, but there are just too many things going on for RJ right now, and since this is the closest thing she'll have to a baby book, gotta document it here.

If there's one word that describes Robin right now it's BUSY.  She's curious, energetic, happy, intrigued, and busy.  She reaches for everything, and wants to constantly explore her surroundings.  She is not appeased with baby toys, but instead wants to explore anything but toys.  She will happily sit and play with new objects for long stretches of time so long as the objects are new to her.  Her fine motor skills are developing well and she is working on the big stuff too - she's less interested in rolling and more interested in figuring out locomotion.  She can wiggle around in circles, but no forward or backward momentum. Yet.  She is eating solids.  After playing with food as toys for a few weeks, she has firmly grasped the bite-chew-swallow so well she's already onto soft chunks, preferably put into her mouth by her own hand.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Erin's first day of Preschool

After a summer break, Erin started her new class at preschool today.  She's in the "young 3's" class and is very proud.  She was ecstatic to see her BFF "C" after not seeing her all summer long, and was thrilled to finally be in the "big kid" classroom.  

Sunday, September 5, 2010

McMillers Rock Sacto!

Labor Day weekend had us taking a mini vacation to Sacramento - on the train!  A short 2 hour trip plopped us right near Old Town Sacramento.  2 days, 2 kids, 2 backpacks.  We stayed at an inexpensive hotel that had a pool and free breakfast, was in close proximity to a beach, and that had a shuttle that would take us to/from places.  Sweet.  There are lots of stories to tell - taking the kids to a fancy dinner when we meant to go to a kid-friendly place.  Watching 4 episodes worth of bad TV.  Inadvertently going during Gold Rush Days. Swimming in the American River, and seeing all walks of life on the beach, including 3 horses.  Brian taking Robin for a walk at 4:30 AM so I could get some sleep and having to explain to all the, um, interesting people he met that he was carrying a baby. Checking out the Railroad Museum.  Saying "Hi" to the Governor.   We thought there'd  be nothing to do, but it ended up we had no spare time.

And of course, there were pictures.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Friday - A Bride

"I'm gonna put on a pretty dress.  Because I'm going to get married.  To Cuckaduh and Sara.  Because they're both Daddies.  And I'm going to marry them."