Sunday, July 22, 2012

Car-free Experiment

It's been my plan this summer to have one car-free week.  I've whittled it down to 5 car free days, and I get two exceptions.

The plan goes into effect tomorrow.  So this Mon-Fri, we only get 2 outings in the car.  Rules are, we don't get to drive ourselves, but if the girls are driven by someone else (Hint hint, Grandma/Grandpa, Grammy/Papa), it's OK.  The trailer and my bike are all set, the double stroller is good to go, I've got the bus and BART schedules, hopefully I won't be whining by mid-week.

 I quizzed Erin about alternate modes of transportation and she rattled off a long list of reasonable ones: bike, walking, scooter, BART, skateboard... then she happened upon Taxi.  She reasoned it was the best because it was the fastest.

Taxi wasn't on my list of options, but who can argue with that logic?