Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red clouds of fluff

Erin no longer wishes me to wet her hair before brushing it.  For those of you not afflicted with curly hair, this is the result:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Robin June 11 months

Nearly a year.  How did that happen?

Here is our lovely little Sweetie Peetie (Peeties for short), showing off her mad standing skills.

We haven't been updating as much as we should be, but here are her new tricks: 

She's said her first word.  With her mouth, not sign language, which she got the hang of many months ago.  The word?  Bath.  Now it's "Bubble Bath"  Said as "buh buh baaaffff".  Can it get any cuter?  She also says ball, bird, book, that, more, mama, dada, and probably about a half-dozen other things I'm forgetting now.  She's crawling at lightning speed.  She cruises around everything and unwittingly took one step the other day.  Brian is placing his walking bet on a few months from now, I'm staking my claim on the 1st birthday for sure.  Care to place a wager? 

She's an adventurous eater and prefers whatever we're having.  Today she loved my miso soup with vermicelli, egg, and spinach.  Tonight she enjoyed the pinto bean and cheese burritos with roasted cauliflower, but we convinced her she didn't really want the rooster sauce.  

Robin is fascinated with everything, and points and demands to know "dat, dat, dat".  I keep thinking of a little robot demanding "input, data, input, data".

She has just barely enough hair to constitute a comb-over.  She loves dogs.  She loves music and avidly dances to everything, a trait shared with her sister.  She laughs a lot.  Robin has tickly spots on her tummy, ribs, feet, arms, neck, pretty much wherever.  She's now been put to bed by someone other than Mommy 4 times and has done really well.  She still will not drink any milk but Mama's "straight from the tap".  She's clever, inquisitive, funny, agile, and she thinks she is 3, just like her big sister.  

Soon enough, sweet little Peeties, you will be.  But please, try not to grow up too fast. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Dancer's Diet

Scene: Erin is practicing arabesque to "quiet jazz" (Herbie Hancock tonight).  Ashleigh is trying to get her to finish her dinner.

A: Erin, take one more bite of noodles.  Dancers need energy.

E: Mooom, ballet dancers don't eat.

A (muttering): . . . which is why it's time to switch you to Flamenco.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



(For Robin's 47th week, I thought she could do her very own blog post.  I think she has a future in communication.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Erin's art project

The artist explains her work:

"It's a porcupine.  It has prickles so when he was walking along and he found a fox and the fox said 'oh I would like to eat it',  and the points would make him say, 'ouch!'"