Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Robin at 9 weeks, Erin at 30 months, 2 weeks

Robin 9 weeks

New with Robin this week is batting/grabbing at toys.  Really, she probably would have been doing this earlier if we had actually gotten it together to get out the infant toys.  We finally did yesterday.  Putting Robin on the play mat for the first time, we watched her eyes light up with excitement.  She immediately grabbed the nearest dangly toy, gave it a jangly shake, turned to face it and gurgled with delight.  Must be the plight of the non-first-born: developmental milestones wait until the parents get their act together.

Sundaes on Sunday for Breakfast

New with Erin: not really new, just an update.  Erin's verbal skills continue to amaze us.  She tells long stories, has pronouns down pat, links lines of reasoning with "because," and so forth.  But she has two verbal trademarks that are too endearing not to share.  When she is delaying, she tells us she'll do something "In two minutes."  And when she wants to try something (like tasting the sugar, for the tenth time, that we've scooped into the muffin batter) she'll say, "just a little bittit."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Robin at 2 months

The littlest McMiller continues to grow well.  Here are the latest stats:

Weight: 11lbs 13 oz -  75th percentile.
Height: 22 3/4 inches - 50-75th percentile.
Head Circumference: 40 cm - 90th percentile.

Robin is entering the cute, giggly, smiley, non-randomly fussy stage of her life and she is a delight.  She loves to watch her big sister in all her antics.  She enjoys the same crazy toy that Erin did as well. She loves silly sounds and music.  And she still loves to sleep.

Sleepy Robin

She doesn't mind tummy time.  She loves to stand on her legs, and can hold herself up for quite some time.  She loves to coo, gurgle and babble in the heart melting way only a baby can.

So, polls are open. What color is her hair?

What color is it?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Now I KNOW they're related

Brian: "Hey Ash, Erin and I both picked our nose at the same time."

Thanks for the update.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank you, public television

Erin's Necklace

This week, I went to Portland for two days for work.  I left a two-year-old and came back to an eight-year-old.

In the following exchange, Erin is talking about a "Sid the Science Kid" episode we watched this morning about germs:

B: [big sneeze]
E: Hey, Dad, know what?
B: What's that, kiddo?
E: Remember Sid? He talk about germs, and you sneeze on your hands and get germs on them. 
B: [!!!]

Robin: 7 weeks and Erin loves Doughnuts

New this week for our little RJ: laughing.  Caught her twice with just about the heart-meltingist belly guffaw.  I tried to get it on film, but things just weren't that funny anymore.  Here is little miss chatty.  Note, the telltale "I'm hungry again, you guys never feed me" licking of the chomps at the end.  Warning: rated G for Grandparents.

Also, in Erin's world, she and Dad aka Brian go out for doughnuts nearly every Saturday morning, to let Mom and Robin have a chance to sleep in (even if it's an extra 15 minutes, Mom appreciates it!)  They roll out of bed, still in PJ's, and head to Johnny's.   Erin is quite the little ambassador and always chooses the booth closest to the door, so she can welcome all who enter.  For the record, she likes ones with sprinkles.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring break survival tips

So I'm still relatively new at this stay-at-home-mom gig.  Erin had Spring Break this week.  I was concerned it would turn into Spring Breakdown for Mommy, but we somehow survived.  Here are a few rules I've learned:

1. Get out of the house every day.  Even if it's to Target.  
Seriously.  Thank you, Aunt Madeline, for reminding me of this the week before spring break.  We had lots of excursions this week - to the zoo (on half-price membership day.  Talk about a zoo!), to the "museum" (Lawrence Hall of Science), to a park, to the Lafayette Reservoir, to the Linsday Wildlife Museum, and yes, to Target.  

2. Find "yes" activities.
Brian taught me this one.  Go somewhere or do some activity where you don't have to ever say "no" to your toddler.  Or your husband.  Erin wanted to paint with tempra paints.  Rather than saying "no way" or freaking about the house turning into a fuscha smear, we took it outside.  Three little pots of paint, one ruined T-shirt (the paints say they're washable, but we know the truth), 10 sheets of paper, and you get one happy toddler enjoying self-directed fun for 45 minutes.


3. When not out and about, have projects.
Again, Brian taught me this.  Erin and I have done "cooking show" (her term for cooking/baking - we made excellent blueberry and chocolate chip muffins), sorted through baby clothes, worked on building castles, cleaning up said castle and other block toys, and the dishes/laundry always occupies at least a few minutes.  The below "castle" was constructed over two mornings, and took probably a total of 40 minutes.  40 minutes of quiet, self-contained occupation in toddler terms is astounding.


4. Television, when used judiciously, is a lifesaver.
Thank you, Dora.  Thank you. 

5. Find a baby carrier the baby actually likes. 
Robin hates the Baby Bjorn.  Hates it.  She tolerates the Ergo (my fave). But she loves the Moby Wrap right now.  So do I.  There are a variety of ways she can be bundled in, it's quite comfortable to wear, and when on the go, we've figured out how to nurse most discretely too.  The pattern I chose is black with a central panel of blue silk with a flower pattern, so it's quite pretty too. And I can wrap Robin  so snug against me, I can wrangle the 32 pound toddler when needed.

6. Have backup.
This may be the real reason why this week was a success. I'm lucky to have a husband who works out of the house.  So, he was able to squelch tantrums, do a diaper change here and there, and even have Erin watch Dora (quietly) in the office while I got to do something else for a little while.  Awesome.  

7. Have the wine/beer/cocktail of choice chilled for the end of the day. 
And have some kid cocktail ready too.  Fizzy is better.  Right now we're a big fan of the sparkling grapefruit juice from Trader Joe's.  With gin for the grown-ups.

Weeks end

This has been a fun week and I feel much closer to my girls now than I did the week before.  I bet most SAHMs are reading this and thinking, "Boy she's still such an amateur."    But at least now I have much more confidence in my new role - before this week just heading to drop Erin off at preschool seemed daunting.  Now we're all over getting out and about, just the three of us.  Nevertheless, I'm so glad school is in session next week. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

6 weeks!

Peek a boo, Robin

Little Robin continues to charm us.  Not only does she display the worlds biggest toothless grin, she has started to chatter.  Just like her sister, she eschews the typical "Ah-goo" for the less popular but equally adorable "Ah-boo".  She is also continuing to grow at an amazing rate, and is currently sporting her 3 month size clothes.

Group hug

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Booger Gifting at the McMiller Household

E [holding out hand]: Here Dad!
Me: OK, yeah, sure, what is it?
E: A booger.
Me [taking said booger, one eyebrow raised]: Um, yeah, thanks!
E: (satisfied smile)
Me: [wipes booger on bed sheets]
Me: (sigh)

To learn more about boogers and how they can change your life, go to