Thursday, July 26, 2012

More summer fun

OK, so the no-car thing really didn't work out.  When I wanted to go pick up Robin Tuesday from her preschool/summer camp on the bus (my legs were pooped from hauling 73 lbs of kids in a 15 lb trailer up and down the hills) I realized that from 8:30 - 4 the busses run once every 2 hours.  Seriously?  No wonder no one ever takes the bus!

So.  Back in the car, we had another busy day yesterday. Playdate at Totland (super cool, and featured briefly in the movie Babies).  Lunch at IKEA, a little shopping, and some treats for the excellent helpers:

Did you know IKEA sometimes has vanilla-blueberry swirl frozen yogurt?  For $1/cone? Awesome.  I splurged and go the girls one each, but they each ate less than half.  Go figure.

Then off to the exciting world of the Restaurant Supply Store.  I know, every kid's dream right?  We looked around, admired the large mixers (14K used) and other crazy appliances.  Found what we were looking for but was not pleased with the price.  Then on the way out we saw this:

Yes, it's a real, taxidermic polar bear.  Shot in 1966.  It was huge. Oh, and apparently it's still legal to do.

Lesson 1: adventure and surprise abound, even at the most boring of places (AKA Restaurant Supply Stores).
Lesson 2: Where we live, life is really, really confined without a car. New goal: replace 1 car trip per day with an alternative mode of transportation.

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