Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Finally Begins

While it's been summer for awhile now, both girls have had summer camps during the week.  Yesterday was the last week that both girls had anything, next week Robin only has 2 days.  So it's time to start taking some serious day trips.

First outing: Oakland Zoo.  We went here every two weeks, or sometimes more often, last summer, so it's strange that this year it's our first trip.

We were treated to the male lion roaring and prancing, a giraffe shimmying down for a drink of water, elephants relieving themselves in a big way, lots of goat and sheep petting, and fruit bats napping.  The girls were on foot and they probably walked about 2 miles. Robin never asked to be carried.  The outing was topped off with two rides on the carousel.

Pictures! (just a few, I promise)

Get the flash player here:

* To AmyCS: The picture of the giraffe licking herself is for you.  Erin first started by observing, "Look, that giraffe has a purple tongue."  Subsequent observations, "Look!  He's licking his penis!  He's licking his penis!.  Oh, wait. No,  She's licking her vagina!"  I nearly died. 


Darren said...

Why are the best parts always in the foot notes? AWESOME.

amycs said...

Oh, Ash, thanks for the laugh. I so needed that. I'm guessing there were no bonobos or else the questions would have been even more hysterical.

Maybe I should come visit so I can teach them how to photo-bomb at the zoo.