Sunday, October 30, 2011

Alfred J. Gardner

Brian's maternal grandfather, Alfred J. Gardner, passed away Friday at age 91.  To say that he lived a full life would be an understatement.  He graduated from West Point, was a Hump Pilot in WWII, earned two masters degrees, was involved in Project Gemini, and had a very successful career at Lockheed.

He raised two wonderful children, Carol (Brian's mom) and Al Jr.  I will always remember how he spoke of their births as a joyous miracle.

He was married to his childhood sweetheart, Florence.  He truly was blessed with spending his life with the woman he loved.

I feel so fortunate that the girls not only have had so many great-grandparents who could get to know them, but also that they actually are at the age when they can remember them.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween warm up

We had an action-packed pre-Halloween kinda day.  The kids started out in costume set 1 for Erin's preschool party. 

Yes, that would be pirate and chicken.  Don't they go well together?  

The chicken knew how to scratch, peck and cluck.  Those trips to Little Farm must be paying off. 

The pirate knew how to properly say "Arrrrr" and insisted there was an invisible bird named Polly on her shoulder.  

Halloween festivities part II included a trick-or-treating outing at a local shopping area, courtesy of our local Mom's group. Erin was all business, identifying the stores displaying the pumpkin picture that indicates they can be hit-up for treats, charging in, filling her bag, then going onto the next establishment.  She came home with a nearly full bag of treats.  She asked to have one candy.  Then one more. Then one final one.  She was so polite and showed such self-restraint, I had no problem with it.  Bonus to me: turns out she doesn't like Snickers.  M&M's, yes, Snickers no.  We're gonna be a great trick-or-treating pair!

 Robin's bag came home empty

Robin appropriately trick-or-treated at all the establishments Erin visited.  Robin insisted on sampling each treat after leaving the store.  I have no idea how much candy she actually ingested, but she did eat her full dinner and go to bed pretty easily, so it's all even in my book. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sister Snuggles

Here's your RDA of cuteness.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011


So behind on blogging. . . .

Erin turned 4. 4 people! There were many festivities, and will update when we sort through the pictures. But the most exciting thing this week has been this:

The rules here are if you can write your name you can have a library card. 


Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion Friday: Rah rah rah!


Brian, Erin, and Robin went to our nephew/cousin's football game last night. In honor of the outing, I thought Robin would look smashing in this mini-Bruins cheerleading uniform. She was energized, especially when she realized just how much fun pom-pons can be.

You will notice the worlds smallest pig tails on this child. No matter how frilly or girly the outfit she wears, she is always assumed to be a boy. Poor kid.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Future occupation # 32


Recent conversation with Ms. E

E: Mom when I grow up I want to be a teacher. Will that be O.K.?

Me: Absolutely honey.

E: I know I will be a good teacher because I am really good at pushing on the swings.

And no, this picture has nothing to do with that. I just love this shot.

And sorry, Dave B. This conversation sounds eerily close to something from Family Circle.