Friday, July 30, 2010

Fashion Friday

I think this outfit speaks for itself:

Skirt and shirt: Janie and Jack
Goggles: On sale at Safeway.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yosemite, here we come!

The challenge:  Get all of this gear . . .

plus two adults and two small children into this Prius. . .

Can it be done? 

Not pictured was the nonperishable food and toiletries box, some kitchen items, 2 comforters, and Erin's Cowie.

Drum roll, please. . . 


We're ready.  Now someone please tell the littlest one she needs to go to bed and let Mom get a good night's sleep.  We leave at 0-dark-30. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

End of Younger Twos group.

I'm backdating this post by one day.  So today is Erin's last day in her Younger Twos group at her preschool.  The school year officially ended in June, but today is her last day of summer camp .  When school resumes in the fall, she will be a bona fide (if not official, quite yet) Younger Three.

Here she is on her first day of school this past year.

And here she is on her last day.  She dressed herself. And refused to brush her hair.

Someone smart once said, "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop to look around once in awhile, you could miss it."  Considering how much little E has grown this past year, I'd have to agree.  

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rite of Passage

Sometimes I'm sad for Brian he will not have a boy to show the "ropes" to. Then things like these happen:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Robin 5 months

Stats - 
Weight: 15 lbs, 13 oz.  75%. Just shy of doubling her birthweight. Woot!
Height: 26 inches, 75-90%.

Head circumference: 43.5 cm, 90%

New this month: sitting (just barely), a hint of fuzz on the head, and a fine appreciation for her older sister, as evidenced by huge belly laughs whenever Erin even looks her way.  Oh, and awake-ness.  Wide awake-ness.  

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fashion Friday: blast from the past

I found this video, along with some other cute ones and pictures, on an abandoned camera in our drawer. It was taken last September, when we first moved into our house. You can see Erin is very fashion forward.

And not to leave Robin out of this week, here she is modeling one of her sister's shirts. One of her sister's size 4T shirts. You say shirt, I say dress. You'll also note the copious boogers (from a cold) and drool (teeth to come soon, we think.)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I wanted the weather, not the 'tude.

A: Hey, what's the daytime weather like in Yosemite?

B: Do I look like the internet to you?


B: I should put that on a t-shirt.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The bedtime shuffle

Bed assignments for last night

Mom: twin bed in girls room
Robin: next to Mom in twin bed
Brian: toddler bed in Mom & Dad's room
Erin: sole occupant of king-size Mom & Dad bed 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A cooking show story, by Erin

Last night I did cooking show with Mama. I used my special knife and cut cut cut the tofu.

I took a little bittit bite.

I love tofu.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fashion Friday!

These items are in the laundry so I don't have the label info. But this fashion post is all about where the items are from (and to show off Robin's mad tripod skills.)
Organic cotton onsie and tea cup from the Condo
Hip tie-dye skirt form Grammie and Papa.  There's a matching sweater, but it was 95 degrees here yesterday, folks.  

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Robin June: 20 weeks

It was hot hot hot here, so RJ took a nice nap in nothing but a diape, a linen swaddling cloth, and her bouncer.  
New currently in Robin's world: she's nearly sitting.  It came as a surprise to her mama.  I put her in my lap, reading to Erin or talking with Erin or getting Erin something (you see how our day goes) when I realized Robin was sitting upright in my lap nearly all on her own.  Strange how I'm here for all these milestones, but somehow feel I miss them anyways.  
Robin is also totally aware of the world and dislikes naps now as a result.  She really wants to see and understand everything.  This nap was taken after her being up nearly all afternoon.  She fought it with smiles and giggles, but it finally won.
Also new is a strong interest in food.  Just a few more weeks, little one.  Then you, too, will enjoy the summer splendor that is fruit! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Erin 1000

Today is Erin Beatrix's 1000th day on this planet.  To celebrate, here are some things you might not know about our little E:

* Erin is over 3 feet tall, about 33 pounds (after dinner) and has 19 teeth. 
* Erin loves to paint.  Paper, hands, tummy, sidewalk, whatever.
* Erin loves dance parties, cooking show (making a recipe), hiking, soccer, swimming, projects . . . this list could go on and on.
* Erin hates washing her hair.
* Erin knows how to spell her name, but when she's typing she likes to designate herself "E2".  E for Erin and 2 because she's 2.
* Erin can dress herself, mostly, but still has a bit of trouble getting shirts over her head.  
* Erin has had one haircut.
* Erin loves reading.
* Erin watches the Simpsons nearly every night.
* Erin is a big fan of the "knock knock" joke, but hasn't gotten the punch lines down exactly.
* Erin has an imaginary friend named Cuckaduh.  He often follows us when we are driving, in his own car, which is white. Or sometimes black. 
* Erin sleeps in our room, mostly in her toddler bed.  She doesn't like to be lonely. 
* Erin is fully potty trained, even at night.  There is the occasional accident still, but she's pretty much an expert. 
* Erin still gets 2 jelly beans for a #1, and a hershey's kiss for a #2.  But sometimes she doesn't remember.
* Erin brushes her teeth twice a day and is eager to "get rid of the buggies" in her teeth.
* Erin weaned at 21 months, almost exactly 1 year ago. 
* Erin and her dad go for doughnuts, or sometimes bagels, nearly every Saturday morning.  She reminds him the moment she wakes up. 
* Erin still mostly eats toddler fare, in snack rather than meal format.  But she's starting to branch out.
* Erin's favorite meat is bacon.
* Erin does not nap by choice.
* Erin is full of élan, mirth, humor, energy, empathy, persuasion, ideas, and love.

Happy 1000 days, my Pumpkin Pie. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Restore my hard drive, restore my faith

Good ol' Computadora de McMiller was on the fritz yet again. Our iMac, purchased just about 2 years ago, fizzled out on us when I was in labor with Robin. Maybe something about the coming of a second child sent it into hiding. I took it into the local Genius Bar to get it fixed. One day, one rebuilt operating system, and $85 later it was as good as new. Well, close enough anyways.

Then over the last few weeks things on the computer got progressively slower, just like right before it died the first time. So, I made the appointment, luged a toddler and a baby into the Mac store, and set them to work. There's really not a big story here, just after a lot of miscommunication between the Genius and me (apparently the term senescence is not generally applied to computers. Who knew?) the computer was repaired. There were some glitches with the hard drive that got smoothed out. A few observations about the local Mac store:

1. They have two computers, at mini tables, set up near the genius bar with lots of kid games loaded. Brilliant.

2. They apparently have no bathroom needs. Or at least they determine a recently potty-trained toddler not worthy of using their bathrooms. Maybe they have an iMop nearby.

3. The Geniuses will talk to you in english. With very simple terms. So simple it becomes redundant and void of information.

4. If you have a cute baby, they spend extra time with you.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We had a busy weekend! by Erin

Transcript compiled from Erin's running commentary this weekend:

We had a busy weekend.  We went to a party for Aunt Sharon.  She has cousin Petunia in her tummy. Then we went to GwammaGrammpa's house.  I had rib bacon and smashed potato with sour cream. I love sour cream.  Then Daddy and I camped in the sleeping tent outside. Then we woke up and had butter croissants.  I said "Aloha" to Cousin Petunia.  I love cousin Petunia.  Then we went to Grammy and Papa's house.  I went in the swimming pool.  I made a big splash and jumped with Papa.  I put my head under the water.  Two times. My nose got water. I ate a cookie. I took a rest.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can you be more specific, please?

Overheard on NPR this morning:
"Bay area high temperatures today will range between the mid 50's to the upper 90's".

Thanks.  That was helpful.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fashion Friday: Twofer

This lovely outfit has no tags, so I have no clue where it comes from.  It was one of the items my mom saved from my baby wardrobe.  It is a pink knit jumper, with bell-bottom type pant legs, a sweet tie around the middle, and slightly puffy sleeves.  It's synthetic and a bit scratchy, and the high neck is a wee bit tight on my no-neck baby, but hey, it's an early lesson that fashion sometimes is uncomfy.  It's also a highly impractical garment as it buttons up the back.  Apparently, this was designed pre-easy-access-button/snap-in-the-croctch-to-facilitate-diaper-changes, which restricts the tolerance I have for her wearing it.  But I had to take a picture because it is a really cute outfit.

Dress: Guess Jeans
Leggings: Babylegs
Socks: Trumpette
Shoes: Smaller by See Kai Run

This second outfit I rescued from a big box of old Erin clothes (actually 98% of Robin clothes are old Erin clothes... so goes the luck of birth order).  The demin dress is Guess Jeans.  I was so jealous when a nice person gave this to Erin because I had to be about 10 or 11 before I got my first pair of jeans, much less Guess Jeans.  I learned from my first girl not to trust the label: this is a 9 month dress.  By the time I tried to squeeze Erin into it, well, let's just say although it's a hand-me-down, it's new enough so it still has some residual new-jeans stiffness.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooking Show

OK, another back post, but this was too cute not to share:

We made chocolate zucchini bread tonight.  Erin likes to mix each component and taste each ingredient.  I encourage her exploration with the caveat she use a wet dishcloth and wipe up the inevitable spills on the countertop.  Her own person, well, the more mess the more fun, I say!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Backyard Camping

We're slowly preparing for a camping trip to Yosemite at the end of this month.  Today the toddler sleeping bag arrived (Pokemon print, in case you were keeping tabs), much to the delight of the toddler.  So Erin and Brian decided to take a test run of the campout experience tonight.  On the back deck.  So right at the normal no-nap-day early bedtime, out comes the tent, sleeping pads, and accoutrements.  Another hour was dedicated to setting up the sleeping environs: bringing in stacks of books, making a snack tray, arranging the pillows/blankets/pads.  Then there was lots of rustling.  And now.... it's quiet.

So far, so good for the trial run.  I will wager, however, that they will rejoin Robin and me sometime in the middle of the night.  Or Erin will be up at crack of dawn, which in these parts means about 5 am.

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Recap

After burying our cat, we headed to downtown Orinda to watch the parade!

There was also a baby farm animal petting zoo, which was a big hit with Erin.

Here bunny, bunny
We then went to a fun 4th party hosted by a family Brian grew up with. Excellent hosts, lots of fun, and a ton of little girls everywhere. Here's Erin with Grandma and the hostess with the mostess:

Erin, Grandma and Karen

Robin was a little overwhelmed (maybe it was the heat too) and took a monster nap upstairs. On a sweet fuzzy bedspread:

Here a nap, there a nap

We then headed back home to watch the fireworks! We walked down to the local highschool and had a perfect view, and were surrounded on the football field by other cheerful Orindians. Erin was brave and did not use the earphones we brought.


A super fun 4th (except for the very beginning) but we are all a little tired today. Hooray for federal holidays!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cujo, Zoe, I have some bad news.

I feel so terrible to be writing this so soon after we lost Dixie.  But last night Steve met an unfortunate end.

Steve was the ultimate companion cat. He was really more like a dog than feline; he was cuddly, always sought human interaction. He was even tolerant of Erin and her sometimes forceful affection, because after all, it was cuddling in some form. His purr was loud and he wasn't afraid to use it.

While we buried Dixie in a forest so she could be wild and free, Steve will stay with us. He was always a home kitty. How I wish he would have come inside last night like he did every other night.

I know the stats for life spans of indoor vs. outdoor kitties.  Especially living on a very, very busy road.  But these little guys were so used to their freedom, keeping them inside made them absolutely miserable.  If we ever get another cat, it will be solely an indoor cat.

We love you, Steve. We will miss you more than you can know.

Get the flash player here:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More great toddler suggestions

Some quips by our own resident toddler recently:

  • Know what we can do?  We can have Sundaes for breakfast.  And we all can have Fridays for breakfast too!
  • (Sung to The Farmer in the Dell)

A hiking we will go
A hiking we will go
We are girls
We are girls

I learned that song in high school.  When I was a big boy.

  • Know what we can do?   We can take the cracker and dip it in the sour cream!
  • Excuse me, Mr. Plumpy, would you like an hotterpop?
  • Mommy, are you married to Daddy?  I'm married to a dog.  The dog is named Sara.  He is brown.
  • Maybe we can get a dog.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fashion Friday!

A double header for today:

Shirt: "One of a Kind" by Circo

Skirt: pink ruffles by Children's Place

Socks: Hello Kitty sparkle

Shoes: Pediaped Abigail

Necklace: faux pearl

This outfit was entirely inspired by the Hello Kitty "Sparkly Kitty Cat" socks.  She has two pairs - one white, one purple (thanks Grandma!) and Mom must now do laundry every other day so she can wear at least one pair.

No, Erin is not wearing make up.  I didn't rub in the sunscreen all the way.
And now for July 4....

Bubble: Carraige Boutiques by Friedknit Creations

Shoes: Smaller by See Kai Run. Totally adorable.

This outfit (thank you, Grammy) has a little story.  It was given to the grandbaby of a good friend of Grammy's.  The grandbaby never wore it, so it made it's way, with tags, back to Grammy.  Then it was given to Robin.  It suits her.  Sam and Amy, this counts as Robin's obligatory sailor suit.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here a potty, there a potty

With every developmental milestone comes stories:

Erin is fully potty trained (yeah!) even at night.  However, it doesn't mean she goes in the big potty every time.  We have a host of the IKEA little potties floating around the house and she feels free to use them wherever she chooses.  In the family room, in her bedroom.  And on the front porch. To do a #2. The neighbors love us.

To wipe Erin after her #2's we have her trained to do a downward-dog yoga pose.  Easy peasy.

Last night at the park (really the local elementary school playground) she said she had to go.  It's summer so the potties were locked.  Brian, ever resourceful, held her over a trash can and there she went!