Saturday, July 14, 2012

Every girl needs tools

Not sure what she's making, but she skillfully cut several pieces of wood.  She has informed me tomorrow she will nail them together, then paint them.  Not with water colors.  With grown up paint.


Christie said...

She can do it!

cjkuehl said...

My dad gave my sister and me matching hand tools in our stockings every year at Christmas. When I was about ten, we both got Craftsman toolboxes with our names engraved on them.

When I moved to Oregon, I got my first power drill.

Thanks, Dad:)

Dr. A said...

My dad also was super encouraging of me learning to use tools. If they'd taken a picture, I was doing *exactly* the same thing at her age. Like you, Carole, I got (and still do get) tools at every christmas. And I use them. Every project around the house was me and my Dad, not my brothers. Love these supportive Daddies!!!