Monday, July 23, 2012

Car-Free Day One

I had an action packed day planned for taking bus/bart/bus to go pick up my glasses (the kids were not thrilled) then taking the bike trailer to the pool.  The kids, after having a super-packed weekend, were content to stay at home all morning in their jammies listening to Pirate Rock, reading books, and working on art projects.  Fine by me!

I did take one bike trip to the grocery store and took the kids to the pool in the trailer.

Then. We went shopping.

Granted we sandwiched 4 destinations into one car trip but that means we technically only have one left for the week.

Full disclosure: we're headed for a week-long camping trip to Yosemite on Sunday, and Brian is gone Thurs-Sat for a conference.  So we have to get all those last-minute packing/gear/food details done before Wed.  So.... realistically we're gonna surpass the 2-car-trip rule this week, but I think today started out well. Erin even commented tonight, 'Hey Mom!  This was supposed to be a car-free day!"

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