Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweet find, thanks Aunt Lynn and Uncle Lou!

My mom was going through the documents in her safe deposit box and stumbled across this:

Know what it is?  A bond.  Cool, no?  My Aunt and Uncle gave it to me just before my 1st birthday.  It matured 12 months later to the tune of $25.  Of course, it kept accumulating interest, stopping at the 30 year mark. I took it into the bank last week and cashed it.  Can anyone guess the compound interest on a $25 bond over 30 years?  I walked away with $134.75.  

What a great present!!!  Thanks Alaska!


DanMartin said...
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DanMartin said...

Adjusting for CPI, you made a bit under $34 for your 30 year investment. :(

Dr. A said...

Dan, three words. "Gift" "horse" "mouth".

I was thrilled. We bought new camping clothes for all the family members and a few treats to boot. Who can argue with that?!