Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting a Move On

Interesting methods mothers have shared to bring about labor:
* Eat spicy food
* Do jumping jacks
* Go on a long, slow walk
* Go on a long, fast walk
* Squat
* Stimulate nipples
* Drink raspberry leaf tea
* Apply pressure to back of ankles, parts of hands (accupressure)
* Drink a beer
* Drink castor oil
* Engage in lots of hot lovin'

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ashleigh the Sledgehammerer

For those of you waiting for pictures of someone, say Brian, with a shard of wood embedded in his face,
we've come to our senses and decided to demolish the kitchen sometime after the baby is born. Radical, forward-looking ideas being bandied about here at the McMiller house, I know.

The reason is that the start date for the remodel continues to be pushed out. No sense losing a kitchen unless we know that the reconstruction is right around the corner.

It would have been nice to complete our work (just the demo) before the baby came. However, the funny thing is that I get the feeling Ashleigh's glad we're doing the demo post-baby, simply because she wants to wield her own sledgehammer. You've got to admire that. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Garage Sale!

Coming to you LIVE from the First Annual McMiller Garage Sale-a-bration!

Business has been... slow. We did move the single most valuable piece of merchandise quickly: The Clapper. Gems such as the sushi pencil toppers, Ninja Bachelor Party, and our Rave-In-A-Box(tm) party kit (ski goggles and a black-light with clear neon-yellow casing), are not faring as well.

Where are the indiscriminating college students when you need them? Where are the impulsive shoppers? Where are the kitch-loving weirdos from down the block?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Best Shelf Ever.

30 years ago such a shelf would be used to prop martinis. While an appealing thought, the ice cream has the secondary benefit of slightly cooling the top of the tummy while simultaneously providing easy-to-reach access to creamy goodness.

Silliness aside, this "confinement" has been anything but; no complications, very little aches or discomfort, and lots of appreciation for the warm, happy feelings that accompany highly elevated progesterone levels. By far the best thing has been to watch B's excitement grow in proportion to the belly- his exemplary participation in all preparations serve to augment already glowing happiness. We'll revisit this topic after the first three weeks into the sleep-deprivation study soon to commence.

Kitchen Demolition -- KEEYOWWW!!

Three weeks until the baby arrives!
Time to start another lengthy home remodel!

Monday, September 3, 2007


That is all.
As you were.

What's that smell?

Word of the Day: Offgassing.

Definition from NASA's Molecular Desorption and Analysis Laboratory:
Offgassing is the release of chemicals from non-metallic substances under ambient or greater pressure conditions. Offgassing occurs continuously, but can be limited by the complete curing of polymeric material.

Definition from McMiller experience:
Noisome emissions emanating from all new baby gear. The current culprit being the Graco Pack n'Play purchased yesterday. Makes one wish there was a window that opened in the baby room.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hot Pixx

Charming, just charming. These people scream "competent parents".

Memory Empty

Looking for a photo of me and Ash to add as the main photo for our profile -- ran across this gem.

Um, a little late to the blog party...

Just up from the basement -- I just disposed of the head of a bird that Dixie had clearly devoured with relish. See, isn't this better than reading Slate?