Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surprise package!

We got a surprise package in the mail today!  It was from a dear grad school friend, Dr. Deanne. 

In it was 3 Science Magazines, 3 fresh Mad Libs, a lovely note, AND ..... a 7 pack of stick-on mustaches.

Do they make us look sophisticated or what? 

Then the girls decided to try the new facial decorations in other ways. 

Thank you, Deanne!  We're loving the 'stashes and we will have so much fun with the Mad Libs on our drive to Yosemite on Sunday!  You rock! 


Deanne said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad you guys will enjoy them! :-D

Darren said...

Oh yes.

Christie said...

Words cannot express the joy your mustache-laden family photo brought me. That picture just screams front of Christmas card.

Deanne said...

Btw, I also love the mustache-family photo. So. Excellent.