Saturday, January 21, 2012

Knitting Project III: Fingerless Gloves

Technically, this project is only HALF done (still need to do the other glove).  This was supposed to be for Erin since she's been asking for mittens for awhile now.  I thought fingerless gloves would be a little more functional for her.  I used the smallest needles and a thin yarn.

Yet this pattern is still WAAAAAYYYYYY too big for her. Might look good on me though. . .  Will have to find her a kids size pattern. 


Carol said...

These would make a perfect Christmas for the grandparents. Love them!!

Dr. A said...

Carol, since it's still January, it might give me enough time for Christmas!

Christie said...

Those are super cute! And, yeah, I'm not buying it would take you all year to knit another pair.