Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Robin loves to have a moustache.  She makes this funny, pucker face and says in a low, gravely voice, "mooooooouuuustache!"  She's a total ham.

Oh, and like that shiner?  This was a few days before the Christmas madness.  Girls and I went to the zoo with another mom and one of Erin's classmates.  We had *just* gotten there and were waiting to show our pass when Robin decided to get out of the stroller.  By herself.  Sideways.  Yeah, you could hear the smack on the pavement from 100 yards.  The other mom was nearly beside herself with worry, and wanted to scour the park for ice.  Turns out, the zoo had a water main break the night before and there was no water, much less ice, to be had.  I knew Robin wasn't that bad off, even though the purply-red goose egg was ginormous.  She's quite the roller-derby queen and was being her normal silly self in about 30 seconds.

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