Friday, January 13, 2012

Enthusiastic eater

Robin loves food.  She loves to eat.  All meals are called "dinner time".  Any time she hears the microwave going (no comments on how we cook, please) she gets very excited, and sits nearby to see what tasty treat emerges.  She greets the Trader Joe's Indian food boxes with a happy bouncy "Panak Paneeer Panak Paneeer" chant.

Tonight I was getting dinner on the table and she decided she was ready enough.  While I was putting on the finishing touches on the chicken, she helped herself to not one, but two servings of mac n'cheese.  Then went on to eat a full plate of chicken, mashed potato, and carrots.  Followed by some builder bar and a slice of butternut squash pie.  The kid eats.

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Darren said...

Dang son.

That sounds yummy.