Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sweet Big Sister

Erin is turning into a very, very sweet big sister.  It was a little hairy for awhile there, especially last summer, but since she's entered the 4's and since Robin thinks she's 4, Erin has been good natured, helpful, friendly, loving, and generally interested in her little sister.  They play together.  Erin helps her out, whether it's choosing the right color crayon or getting onto her tricycle.  Erin defends her.  Erin nearly always saves a bit of her candy to give to Robin, even if Robin has been given the same exact piece and would never give any to Erin.  Erin had a fit of cuddling with Robin last night at bedtime and asked Robin if she wanted to sleep in her bed together. It was the sweetest thing.

In exchange, Erin is Robin's favorite person.  She is the classic little sibling mirror of Erin.  It's like having Peet and RePeet.

In no way to I expect this sibling bliss to endure uninterrupted; no doubt they will have ups and downs.  But it's so nice to know they will have ups. And how sweet these ups are!

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Mary said...

I just love sibling relationships. Can't wait to see you all!