Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's 2012. Are you ready?

With the new year, we update our "go bags".  This year we expanded our emergency supplies from 72 hours to about 1 month. Some of our supplies for the 1 month set:

50 # flour
50# rice
25# pinto beans
25 # salt
1 # yeast
10 # pancake mix
16 oz vanilla
4# trail mix
1 gal oil

Mmmmmmm..... emergency rations. 


Christie said...

It's good to be prepared.

Darren said...

Given the 10 lbs pancake mix, maybe you're missing 5 gal syrup? Mmmmm. Syrup.

Dr. A said...

Good idea, Darren. I'm also thinking homemade caramel, from the sack of sugar.