Saturday, January 14, 2012

This is Winter?

This season there's been 14 "Spare the Air" days in SFBA.  On these days, it's illegal to burn wood, and it's recommended to limit driving due to poor air quality.

In Dec there 0.1" rain. In January so far, 0".  That's several inches lower than normal.  Rather it's been very cold at /night, in the 30's and below, but quite warm, sunny and pleasant mid-60's during the days.

Partly CloudyTodayTonightTomorrow
Partly Cloudy / WindMostly ClearSunny
Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy / WindMostly ClearSunny

Don't get me wrong, I've really appreciated being able to go to the park with the kids, minimally bundled.  I've enjoyed the extra vitamin D.  But we haven't had a winter.  At all. It's a strange feeling that we might go from a summer to a pleasant fall straight into spring/summer.


Kathleen said...

it's winter now. THANKS A LOT

Dr. A said...

Still hasn't rained, K. Not yet.

Neko said...

Peter and I were just talking about the strange "winter" down here. We're having the same issue. The poor trees are so confused. They started budding flowers in January! It's 35 one day and 62 the next two and so on and so on. Very odd indeed.