Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today's new game: Orange Ball

The game: take an orange, try to land it in the box with one good throw.  Optional: run around the other boxes when an orange has successfully landed in the box.   Equipment: 5 oranges (more or less, depending on how many each kid wants), a few empty christmas boxes, giggles.

The kids were going stir-crazy and starting to throw the oranges in the house.  Solution?  Get them to throw them outside.  Erin made up the rules of the game after the equipment was strategically placed outside.


Sara said...

So nice to not have ice in your back yard.

Dr. A said...

Sara, it's been a strange "winter". It was COLD right before xmas but haven't gotten ANY rain. Maybe 0.10". Last two weeks: 60's in the day and sunny. We're totally spoiled.