Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homemade bread

I mentioned we have 50 lbs of flour, right?  Brian realized it won't last forever, flour does eventually go bad.  So while we're waiting for the pandemic, I though I'd get cracking' making some wheat-based treats.

And I give you bread.  This was a white sandwich bread recipe from America's Test Kitchen cookbook.  We've made better yeast breads in the past: I love the ATK pizza dough recipe and we've got a delicious pretzel recipe we do frequently. But I thought having a good white sandwich bread recipe would be great, but I think I'll keep experimenting.  

But it was tasty. And with the stand-up mixer the kneading work was done for me. Love the dough hook. 

The lesson from this batch was oil or put parchment on the bottom of the pan.  We nearly couldn't get it out.  Not that it stopped us from gorging ourselves on it right as it came out of the oven.  So tasty we ate half the loaf in about 15 minutes.  We were supposed to wait 2 hours until it cooled down, but with the whole house wrapped in the delicious fresh-bread smell, who could wait? 


Dr. Powell said...

looks amazing!! I'll admit to not realizing flour can go bad!!

Dr. A said...

Annie, it's more of a problem with whole-wheat, it can go rancid. If you have a small bag, 5#, you'll use it before it goes bad. But 50#, it's likely to either go rancid or get infested with pantry moths if not actively used.