Monday, July 12, 2010

Restore my hard drive, restore my faith

Good ol' Computadora de McMiller was on the fritz yet again. Our iMac, purchased just about 2 years ago, fizzled out on us when I was in labor with Robin. Maybe something about the coming of a second child sent it into hiding. I took it into the local Genius Bar to get it fixed. One day, one rebuilt operating system, and $85 later it was as good as new. Well, close enough anyways.

Then over the last few weeks things on the computer got progressively slower, just like right before it died the first time. So, I made the appointment, luged a toddler and a baby into the Mac store, and set them to work. There's really not a big story here, just after a lot of miscommunication between the Genius and me (apparently the term senescence is not generally applied to computers. Who knew?) the computer was repaired. There were some glitches with the hard drive that got smoothed out. A few observations about the local Mac store:

1. They have two computers, at mini tables, set up near the genius bar with lots of kid games loaded. Brilliant.

2. They apparently have no bathroom needs. Or at least they determine a recently potty-trained toddler not worthy of using their bathrooms. Maybe they have an iMop nearby.

3. The Geniuses will talk to you in english. With very simple terms. So simple it becomes redundant and void of information.

4. If you have a cute baby, they spend extra time with you.


Amber said...

iMop. I'm either really tired or that was *really* funny.

Christie said...

Only $85 bucks!? So glad to hear the computer has been revived. I, too, thought the iMop comment was hilarious, and I've only had one glass of wine so I know that's not it.