Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Recap

After burying our cat, we headed to downtown Orinda to watch the parade!

There was also a baby farm animal petting zoo, which was a big hit with Erin.

Here bunny, bunny
We then went to a fun 4th party hosted by a family Brian grew up with. Excellent hosts, lots of fun, and a ton of little girls everywhere. Here's Erin with Grandma and the hostess with the mostess:

Erin, Grandma and Karen

Robin was a little overwhelmed (maybe it was the heat too) and took a monster nap upstairs. On a sweet fuzzy bedspread:

Here a nap, there a nap

We then headed back home to watch the fireworks! We walked down to the local highschool and had a perfect view, and were surrounded on the football field by other cheerful Orindians. Erin was brave and did not use the earphones we brought.


A super fun 4th (except for the very beginning) but we are all a little tired today. Hooray for federal holidays!

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Christie said...

Happy 4th, McMillers!