Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Erin had her first day at her new preschool today. She was dressed in fancy new back-to-school clothes (thanks, Grammie) and a new lunchbox (or purse, depending on your perspective) selected by Erin herself.

New lunchbox

Here she is testing out the playground:

1st day at school!

It was a bit of a rough start, but she had a great day including a riveting round of Itys Bitsy spider, a watercolor painting session, and of course, lots of playground play.


Darren said...

That's the most adorable little girl I think I've ever seen.

Zozopdx said...

it's going to be great. every change takes time to get used to, but so glad Erin's in a great school! yay, Erin!

Christie said...

Itsy Bitsy Spider! Painting! Playground! What fun! Miss E.B. looks every bit the sophisticated and intelligent preschooler. Congrats on your first day, Erin!

Christina said...

OMG. Preschool already!! Growing up so fast! BTW, love the "purse!" :)

Nicole, Billy and Timothy said...

Aww! Such a cute little lady! And we have the same lunchbox (though Timothy calls it his backpack "bahpah").

Ms. A said...

Jesus. She's cute.