Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here a potty, there a potty

With every developmental milestone comes stories:

Erin is fully potty trained (yeah!) even at night.  However, it doesn't mean she goes in the big potty every time.  We have a host of the IKEA little potties floating around the house and she feels free to use them wherever she chooses.  In the family room, in her bedroom.  And on the front porch. To do a #2. The neighbors love us.

To wipe Erin after her #2's we have her trained to do a downward-dog yoga pose.  Easy peasy.

Last night at the park (really the local elementary school playground) she said she had to go.  It's summer so the potties were locked.  Brian, ever resourceful, held her over a trash can and there she went!


Christie said...

Yea! When you're a toddler, the world is your potty.

Christie said...

How'd you do the night training?

John Judy said...

Wait, trash cans AREN'T toilets?

Nicole, Billy , Timothy and the Bean said...

OMG!!!! I haven't laughed this hard in a while! The porch visual is priceless!