Thursday, July 15, 2010

Robin June: 20 weeks

It was hot hot hot here, so RJ took a nice nap in nothing but a diape, a linen swaddling cloth, and her bouncer.  
New currently in Robin's world: she's nearly sitting.  It came as a surprise to her mama.  I put her in my lap, reading to Erin or talking with Erin or getting Erin something (you see how our day goes) when I realized Robin was sitting upright in my lap nearly all on her own.  Strange how I'm here for all these milestones, but somehow feel I miss them anyways.  
Robin is also totally aware of the world and dislikes naps now as a result.  She really wants to see and understand everything.  This nap was taken after her being up nearly all afternoon.  She fought it with smiles and giggles, but it finally won.
Also new is a strong interest in food.  Just a few more weeks, little one.  Then you, too, will enjoy the summer splendor that is fruit! 

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