Saturday, July 3, 2010

More great toddler suggestions

Some quips by our own resident toddler recently:

  • Know what we can do?  We can have Sundaes for breakfast.  And we all can have Fridays for breakfast too!
  • (Sung to The Farmer in the Dell)

A hiking we will go
A hiking we will go
We are girls
We are girls

I learned that song in high school.  When I was a big boy.

  • Know what we can do?   We can take the cracker and dip it in the sour cream!
  • Excuse me, Mr. Plumpy, would you like an hotterpop?
  • Mommy, are you married to Daddy?  I'm married to a dog.  The dog is named Sara.  He is brown.
  • Maybe we can get a dog.


Christie said...

Who doesn't like a Friday for breakfast.

Amber said...

I'm thinking an hotterpop doesn't sound half-bad. Intriguing, at the very least.