Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Erin 1000

Today is Erin Beatrix's 1000th day on this planet.  To celebrate, here are some things you might not know about our little E:

* Erin is over 3 feet tall, about 33 pounds (after dinner) and has 19 teeth. 
* Erin loves to paint.  Paper, hands, tummy, sidewalk, whatever.
* Erin loves dance parties, cooking show (making a recipe), hiking, soccer, swimming, projects . . . this list could go on and on.
* Erin hates washing her hair.
* Erin knows how to spell her name, but when she's typing she likes to designate herself "E2".  E for Erin and 2 because she's 2.
* Erin can dress herself, mostly, but still has a bit of trouble getting shirts over her head.  
* Erin has had one haircut.
* Erin loves reading.
* Erin watches the Simpsons nearly every night.
* Erin is a big fan of the "knock knock" joke, but hasn't gotten the punch lines down exactly.
* Erin has an imaginary friend named Cuckaduh.  He often follows us when we are driving, in his own car, which is white. Or sometimes black. 
* Erin sleeps in our room, mostly in her toddler bed.  She doesn't like to be lonely. 
* Erin is fully potty trained, even at night.  There is the occasional accident still, but she's pretty much an expert. 
* Erin still gets 2 jelly beans for a #1, and a hershey's kiss for a #2.  But sometimes she doesn't remember.
* Erin brushes her teeth twice a day and is eager to "get rid of the buggies" in her teeth.
* Erin weaned at 21 months, almost exactly 1 year ago. 
* Erin and her dad go for doughnuts, or sometimes bagels, nearly every Saturday morning.  She reminds him the moment she wakes up. 
* Erin still mostly eats toddler fare, in snack rather than meal format.  But she's starting to branch out.
* Erin's favorite meat is bacon.
* Erin does not nap by choice.
* Erin is full of élan, mirth, humor, energy, empathy, persuasion, ideas, and love.

Happy 1000 days, my Pumpkin Pie. 


Christie said...

Here's to you, Miss E, for growing 1000 days old with style and aplomb!

Dr. A said...

Christie, Thanks for keeping track! :)

Amber said...

Dang, I need to figure out how many days ahead of Henry Josie is so I can keep track of how old she is. Happy 1000 to Erin! (You forgot to mention that she likes to dip her bacon in ketchup and/or--mostly and--jelly.)