Friday, July 9, 2010

Fashion Friday: Twofer

This lovely outfit has no tags, so I have no clue where it comes from.  It was one of the items my mom saved from my baby wardrobe.  It is a pink knit jumper, with bell-bottom type pant legs, a sweet tie around the middle, and slightly puffy sleeves.  It's synthetic and a bit scratchy, and the high neck is a wee bit tight on my no-neck baby, but hey, it's an early lesson that fashion sometimes is uncomfy.  It's also a highly impractical garment as it buttons up the back.  Apparently, this was designed pre-easy-access-button/snap-in-the-croctch-to-facilitate-diaper-changes, which restricts the tolerance I have for her wearing it.  But I had to take a picture because it is a really cute outfit.

Dress: Guess Jeans
Leggings: Babylegs
Socks: Trumpette
Shoes: Smaller by See Kai Run

This second outfit I rescued from a big box of old Erin clothes (actually 98% of Robin clothes are old Erin clothes... so goes the luck of birth order).  The demin dress is Guess Jeans.  I was so jealous when a nice person gave this to Erin because I had to be about 10 or 11 before I got my first pair of jeans, much less Guess Jeans.  I learned from my first girl not to trust the label: this is a 9 month dress.  By the time I tried to squeeze Erin into it, well, let's just say although it's a hand-me-down, it's new enough so it still has some residual new-jeans stiffness.


Amber said...

My whole 13th year of life was spent begging and pleading my parents to buy me a Guess jean dress. Needless to say, I'm a tiny bit jealous of Robin right now.

JandC said...

I remember when Aunt Madeline bought Sharon a jeans jacket....she was definitely "in"!!!

Christie said...

I had the same experience, Amber. I got the jeans but it meant getting one pair of jeans instead of three.

I'd suggest contacting Guess for Robin so she could model their clothes but I wouldn't want to start her on any route in life that followed Anna Nicole Smith (may she rest in peace, poor dear).