Friday, July 2, 2010

Fashion Friday!

A double header for today:

Shirt: "One of a Kind" by Circo

Skirt: pink ruffles by Children's Place

Socks: Hello Kitty sparkle

Shoes: Pediaped Abigail

Necklace: faux pearl

This outfit was entirely inspired by the Hello Kitty "Sparkly Kitty Cat" socks.  She has two pairs - one white, one purple (thanks Grandma!) and Mom must now do laundry every other day so she can wear at least one pair.

No, Erin is not wearing make up.  I didn't rub in the sunscreen all the way.
And now for July 4....

Bubble: Carraige Boutiques by Friedknit Creations

Shoes: Smaller by See Kai Run. Totally adorable.

This outfit (thank you, Grammy) has a little story.  It was given to the grandbaby of a good friend of Grammy's.  The grandbaby never wore it, so it made it's way, with tags, back to Grammy.  Then it was given to Robin.  It suits her.  Sam and Amy, this counts as Robin's obligatory sailor suit.


Christie said...

What fashion forward ladies you have down there in Cali. I absolutely love the short skirt with the knee-high socks. Super cute!

Shannon said...

Hey Erin, Can I borrow your socks?

Sharon and Matt said...

So cute!! Can't wait to see you all!!

amycs said...

You know, that one of a kind shirt isn't so one of a kind. Lucy has one and so does my neice. (It is one of Lucy's favorites because it has cupcakes on it.)