Sunday, July 11, 2010

We had a busy weekend! by Erin

Transcript compiled from Erin's running commentary this weekend:

We had a busy weekend.  We went to a party for Aunt Sharon.  She has cousin Petunia in her tummy. Then we went to GwammaGrammpa's house.  I had rib bacon and smashed potato with sour cream. I love sour cream.  Then Daddy and I camped in the sleeping tent outside. Then we woke up and had butter croissants.  I said "Aloha" to Cousin Petunia.  I love cousin Petunia.  Then we went to Grammy and Papa's house.  I went in the swimming pool.  I made a big splash and jumped with Papa.  I put my head under the water.  Two times. My nose got water. I ate a cookie. I took a rest.


Christie said...

So that's how you get a toddler to sleep.

Impressive verbal skills, Miss E.

Sharon and Matt said...

I miss you all already! (and so does Miss Petunia). It was so good to see you all. Wish we could do it all again next weekend. Aloha!