Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thinking outside the box

Robin, holding up a bin of toys: Dump it out?

 Me: Let's not, sweetheart. Can you take out the toy you want to play with?

 Robin: Sure!

 She proceeds to take each toy out individually and throw it on the floor.

Probably not the first time I've been outsmarted by a 2 year old. Nor the last.


Darren said...

Henry: Can I play with your little legos?

Me: Sure. Just don't dump the whole box out on the floor.

Me: I thought I said don't dump all the legos out?

Henry: I didn't.

Me: Are you sure?

Henry: I poured them out.


I think that's what's called a distinction without a difference.

Katie said...

I hear "dump out?" all. day. long. And if I don't answer quickly enough or with the response he wants to hear, then it's "Peeeeeaaaaasssee?!?"
Okay, babe, go ahead and dump it out. *sigh*