Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl XLVI: live blogging edition

Erin: I'm voting for the PaintChips.

Ash: Great, that McDonald's commercial made me cry. (commercial just before kickoff)

K: I think the entire U.S. will be short of sequins for the next few months. (at halftime)

3rd Q Taste Test: Pigs in a blanket made with refrigerator croissant dough vs. biscuit dough.  Winner? Biscuit dough. Hands down.  Especially with catsup.

And how did it end up?  C says, "Suck it, Tom." word.

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Dr. A said...

This experiment totally didn't end up as interesting as I thought it would. But we did have a great time watching the game! Thanks for coming over, K, C, and B!