Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time to do serious recycling

We're cleaning out the kitchen to prepare for the remodel.  I've come across my college and grad school textbooks.  It occurs to me that
(a) I have two copies of MBOC
(b) They are different editions
(c) Parts of the earlier edition have been rendered invalid through the last 20 years of experiments
(d) I really need to get rid of some of my college and grad school books.

Anyone need something to prop up a wobbly coffee table?  Or maybe some kindling?


Christie said...

Never fear, Design Sponge is here, with two (TWO!) DIY crafts using old books: 1) book bookends and 2)

Also, are you drinking because, OH MY ZEUS, it's kindergarten time.

Dr. Powell said...

2 copies of MoBiooftheCell! Rejoice!

If you ask me, that copy of Voet and Voet's Biochemistry is your immediate problem. Nightmares. I tell you. I still have nightmares. The Kreb's cycle generates how many ATPs again? UUUUUGGGHHHHH. Shoot me now. ;-)

Deanne said...

I also have 2 copies of MBOC, the red one and the silver one. I bought the red one in college, and then had to buy the silver one in grad school b/c the red one was obsolete. Yet I still have them both. Oh, and a copy of GENES VI.

I don't want to open my Voet and Voet book. And you can't make me.

Deanne said...

And Annie -- if you include glycolysis, the answer is 36. (I didn't even look that shit up.)

Matt and Brenda said...

Deanne, that is scary, but not surprising. May I borrow your brain?

Matt was tested on biochemistry in his basic science class in Optometry school last term and I just rolled my eyes. NOT AGAIN. ugh.

Lastly, Ashleigh, I just came back to this post of yours because I saw something on pinterest that made me think that maybe, in a totally geeky way, it would be cool to frame some particularly awesome figures from old textbooks if I ever get rid of my own 2 copies of MBOC. Just tossin' that out there.... =)