Friday, February 3, 2012

Goodbye Stove!

Today as I was cleaning out cabinets in prep for the kitchen demo, I found the original manual for our range. I tried to figure out what date it was installed.  The most recent manual I could find online was from 1984, and it was a later model than ours.  Judging from the canning tips and very slender, well manicured ladies' hands in the drawings, I'm guessing early '70's.  

As funky as this range is/was I will not miss it.  We stopped using the two right burners a long time ago as we would frequently get a sharp electric shock when cooking with them.  Brian and his dad figured they weren't grounded but try as they might couldn't fix it.  So we removed the knobs and stopped using them. So we've been cooking with 2 burners for nearly 2 years.  And the larger of the 2 working burners only works about 60% of the time.

I look forward to a stove and oven that work and will let me live till dinner.


Darren said...

Basic functionality FTW!

Jenna said...

Yes, as much as I love vintage appliances, I do require that they work....