Friday, February 17, 2012

Kitchenless Dinners

We're on week 2 of no kitchen.  Well, it was broken up by a 5 night trip to PDX,  so really we're still in our first week. Our cooking capabilities are limited to a rice cooker, microwave, hot plate (which just broke) and electric griddle.  The nearest McFeely's have also given us a 2-burner propane stove which we've yet to use.  We have a BBQ too, but haven't used it since last summer. Mostly we seem to be using the microwave and rice cooker*.

Tonight's dinner: 

Carnitas, pre-cooked and re-heated in the microwave, fork shredded and BBQ sauce added (WHERE has this been all my life?  So tasty and easy!) 
Mac N' Cheese
Shredded cheese, mexican blend
Rice, tortillas, or bread, diner's choice
Cherry tomatoes

Seriously. Delicious. Dinner. Everyone could plate out what/how they liked it.  Shown is the kids' plates, Erin's on the right, Robin's on the left, the differenced being if there was sauce in the pork (yes for R, no for E) and if the broccoli was cooked (yes for R, no for E). 

I'm growing more and more amazed at how versatile the microwave is.  And the electric griddle. Really, do we need a "kitchen"? 

*Lest you think The Coffee Queen has gone without her daily megadose, the fancy coffee maker is hooked up and running.  And in a pinch, I have the one-cup drip funnel available for use.  Trust me, nobody wants to see me without my 3-4 cups of coffee a day. 


Zozopdx said...


Christie said...

Excellent! All the major food groups are represented. :)

Amber said...

I'm getting really nervous about this, but you're giving me hope. I'm seriously going to have to give this some thought over the weekend.

amycs said...

Awesome. My coworker makes soup in her rice cooker all the time. That could be another option. She also told me they use it for hot pot dinners. Doesn't that sound delicious?