Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Indoor Skating

I made this bubble recipe today.  Good bubbles, easy recipe.  This isn't a post about bubble recipes.

I filled two empty yogurt cups and put in two old bubble wands. This isn't a post about blowing bubbles.

This is a post about silliness.

The girls excitedly found the containers.  They had already taken off their clothes (normal at this time of day, and hence why this post has no pictures).  They blew a few bubbles.  They spilled the entire contents, maybe 4 oz, of bubble solution on the family room floor.  They laughed.  They pushed it around with their hands.  They laughed harder.  They squished it around with their feet.  They slipped.  They laughed even harder.  They bubbled up their tummies and legs.  And laughed.

At first I quickly pulled out the cleaning rags and a bucket of water.  I warned them they would slip and it might hurt.  I was concerned, nervous.  Then I started laughing too.

Erin's quote: "You know what I want to be when I grow up?  A kid."

Me too, sweetie.


Dr. A said...

Now, if anyone knows how to get half a cup of very bubbly very sticky fluid off the ground. . . .it all keeps foaming. As did the girls when I stuck them in the bath. It was showers today.

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Amber said...

During the fall/winter of 2001, our living room was turned into an indoor bubble machine as a way to entertain 18 month old Avery. I think it took about 5 years to get the soapy film off the floor. But good luck to you! :)