Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Friday - Preview of Teenage Erin

Erin practices the disaffected look

This outfit was 100% Erin. She chose the dress basically because it's one that she can put on all by herself.  She asked me to draw the kitty cat face.  She wanted to wear the bird necklace (it's tucked into the dress).  And then she found the kid sunglasses.  And she asked me to take the picture.  But what I think really makes this outfit is the pose: pouted mouth, slightly hunched shoulders, barely upturned chin, slight nod of the head. Yes, folks, this is the disaffected, cooler-than-you Erin we might see in about 10 years.


Christie said...

I can hear the "whatevah" from here.

Nicole, Billy, Timothy and Lyla said...

Well, she really is cooler than I am... ;)