Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Robin June 38 weeks/9 months!

Our little busy bee keeps getting busier.  There seems to have been a huge shift in the last few weeks where her awareness and engagement with the world has really taken off.  Someone was telling me about a huge developmental burst right around the 9 month mark.  Anyone who has more info on that can send it my way.

She's started talking.  Well, in sign language at any rate. Her favorite word is "dog" and is excited to share her newfound knowledge. She is still working on crawling properly, but can get around just fine by rolling, scooting, and wriggling.  She can go from her tummy to sitting.  This is all to Erin's dismay as Robin now presents new competition for the choice toys. And she can pull herself to a stand, as shown in the video above.  This is not her most graceful attempt here but it was the one caught on video.  In the past three days she's become much more proficient.

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Christie said...

Wow. She sees the way her older sister gets around and is just raring to get there herself. Amazing. And so frickin' cute!