Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boring backpost

So I'm trying to blog every day this month and this week was busier than I thought.  So it's Saturday, and I'm backposting to Tuesday, which I missed this week, with some "filler".

Here's a little story about me and our cable provider.
August: I took the girls to the store in Concord to upgrade from regular to HD cable.  They told me since I had a Tivo, I'd probably need a special card.  Could I get that card now?  No, try and see.

Fast forward to when I finally get motivated this week.

I do the 24 hour online chat to request the special card.  After some banter, yes, the card will be shipped, for a fee.

They ship a switcher, not the card.

I call customer service. "Hey, you guys sent me this switcher adapter instead of the card I requested.  Can I get the card? No?  You don't have it in stock. Oh.  I'm calling the main HQ and you don't have this conversion card the FCC requires you to provide. OK.  I have to go in-person to the store.  OK.  Well, thanks, I guess."

The next day I take Robin to give back the switcher and get the card.  I merely state, "I am here to get my M-Card." The lady is friendly, then looks up my account.  Then she's fairly curt.  In fact, she says nothing else.  She hands me the requested card.  I try to be witty, "boy, these cards seem hard to come by."  She looks at me icily.  "Yes.  Yes, they are."

Who cares.  Now I have 300 more channels of basic HD cable.  Wheeeeeeeeeee!

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Christie said...

300? I don't even know what I'd do with that.