Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scott Horsley Bakes You a Pie

Blast from the past here.  For those of you who don't know, the guy in the photo was once a San Diego NPR reporter before he went to Washington.  This is from 2002.

We were living in this tiny 500 square foot apartment in Ocean Beach.   The local NPR station had an online fundraising auction and we bid on item that I swear was entitled "Scott Horsley Bakes You a Pie": a homemade pie from Scott Horsley that included hand delivery.

This cherry pie, made by the man in the apron, set us back $40.  Total bargain.  Unfortunately for him, we goofed on the date and he knocked on our door a week before we had expected.  B and I had just finished a rare argument and I was just out of the shower when he knocked on the door.  B and I were still pissed at each other, so undoubtedly it was rather awkward for Scott (Sorry, Scott!).  The pie was delicious. I still have the tin.

Scott Horsley, if you're reading this, my husband and I have felt terrible about this incident for the last eight years.  

P.S. you're awesome.  We cheer for you every time we hear you on the radio.


Christie said...

You can't beat a cherry pie. And one baked by Sir Horsley, well, that's worth well over $40.

On a side note, I had a studio in the Pearl that was approx. 320 sq ft.

Zozopdx said...

that's hilarious. I think the fact that he showed up in the middle of a fight with a pie makes it even better.

AKA said...

This is totally, totally awesome. Totally.