Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-Turkey day Weekend

What a busy weekend!  We didn't get photos of everything, but here were the things the McMillers did:

* cut/laid pavers for a path to the water meeter for the nice meter reader
* cleaned up ivy in the yard
* LOTS of laundry
* general house cleaning
* watched a movie start to finish, with few interruptions
* played board games with Grandma and Grandpa

Ladybug Game

(this ladybug game is harder than it looks!)
* Cooked and ate a delicious dinner of slowcooker pork with cider and prunes

Pork dinner

* watched an awesome thunder/lightning show followed by hail
* made 2 runs to the dump
* hit the farmer's market
* more laundry
* paid bills
* ate an awesome pre-Thanksgiving dinner at Grammy and Papa's house, followed by ice cream sundaes

Grammy Kisses I

* took a bubble bath (the kids, not everyone)

* battled renegade ants
* snuggled and read new books

Phew!!!  Now it's time for bed. 


Christie said...

The brothers of those ants are invading the condo. I thought the benefit of living in a colder climate meant they died off. What a great weekend, laundry and all.

Dr. A said...

Yeah, we've had a smattering of ants here and there, but I really think they've been driven in by the turn in the weather. Oh yeah, and half of Robin's food ends up on the floor. Even with moderately diligent cleaning, there's plenty of crumbs.

Zozopdx said...

great shot of you, Dr. A! did you get a new china cabinet? sigh. I want one. but instead, I'm getting braces.

Kathleen said...

whew I'm exhausted just reading that. I don't even want to know what time you guys were up in the mornings!