Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where the junk goes to die

After a moderately successful garage sale and a dismal response from the freecycle community, I bit the bullet and took a load of stuff over to the Goodwill drop off center.  It took a few days of me staring at the neatly lined pile of McMiller flotsam baking in the sun to realize that really, it was all just junk. (I'm writing this on Tuesday but will be back-dating it to Sunday....)  It now dawns on me that I was looking upon the mounds of stuff and seeing every item as I used, enjoyed, and valued.  Not as it appeared to others gazing on it for the first time: used linens, mismatched glasses, bags of screws and doorknobs, a broken subwoofer, a manual typewriter.  A typewriter for goodness sakes!  So off the girls and I went to the neighborhood Goodwill drop off center, where probably even they will reject 75% of what we "donated".  But at least I didn't have to do it. We've one more load to take, and it does feel good to get this stuff gone. Maybe I'll even try to purge a few closets.

Oh, and I did keep a few things to try to place in loving homes again .... anyone want a manual typewriter?


Christie said...

Darn those emotional attachments. They get us in trouble (and surrounded by mounds of junk) every time.

Mary said...

Good for you. I love to purge!