Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garage Sale

When we moved from PDX it was in stages.  There was the junk cherished unused items in the basement that quickly was boxed and put into storage.  Later, to stage the house, there were the rarely used items that were, again, boxed and stored.  Then, just before the move, we frantically boxed and moved the daily, always used items.

Then we got here we unpacked.  And unpacked.  And unpacked.  And still we had a garage full of boxes.

Guess which pile they came from. Yup, all that stuff that gets carted around from house to house, sometimes without ever opening the box.  So, today we unpacked them, made snap decisions stay or go, and voila!  Garage sale!

Needless to say, we didn't make all that much money on the sale.  Turns out everyone else has the same flotsam already in their garages.  But it was a lovely, calm way to spend the day and meet some of the neighbors.

And our garage... well, it's still full of junk.  But a lot less junk.


Sara said...

*Sigh* - we have a garage full of crap too. I've been slowly posting to craigslist.

Dr. A said...

We've been doing that too. And have had great results. But all the small things are too tiresome to post. We have a nice freecycle network here too. Gonna make the final run to Goodwill tonight.

Christie said...

Two thumbs up for crap!