Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Robin 15 weeks

15 weeks?  Really?  Where does the time go.

Dad & Robin - 15 weeks

For this week's update I report something not so much related to Robin's development as to Mommy's Sanity.  I took out the jog stroller this week. It was Robin's first time in a stroller.  We ran 2 miles.  She loved it. Really loved it.  She spent a good 5 minutes giggling, looking up at all the sun-filtered leaves floating by.  Then she fell happily asleep.  I got a good jog in, she got good stimulation and a nap. It was win-win.

In other Robin news, we're fairly certain the teething process has begun. She drools like it's going out of style. chews on everything in site, and is miserable in the afternoon.

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