Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Robin 14 weeks

New this week:

Dog piling Dad. Always a hit.

Actually, since this is the closest thing to a baby book Robin will ever have, here are some more things about this week:

She's super alert now, and spends most of the day drinking everything in with her eyes, practicing getting things into her mouth, and laughing a lot. Sometimes now she's even too busy to eat.

She's really strong, and can lift her head up completely upright.  We predict expert rolling over soon.

She's nearly completely outgrown her 3 month clothes.  I'm having fun now putting her in things people have sent her.  Hopefully the 6-9 month clothing will fit her for longer than a few weeks.

She had a 3-month checkup and here are the stats:

Height: 25 1/4" (97%)
Weight: 12lbs, 15 oz (75%)
Head circumference: 42.2 cm (90%)


Christie said...

That is some fantastic growing! Also, dog piling in Dora underwear is the bomb.

Mary said...

Poor baby with no baby book. At least she's part of a blog...all Harper has is a draft email with milestones. Love the dogpile.

Nicole, Billy , Timothy and the Bean said...

Can I just say thank you for letting me know I'm not alone in not having done a baby book?!