Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy Dinners

For an early Fathers day tribute I would like to share a story.

Sometime during my youth, my mother was climbing the school administrative ladder and my father took over some night duties.  So he'd be in charge of making dinner.  These dinners were creative, never our "normal" fare of meat, starch, veg, salad, but always fun and interesting.  They were dubbed "Daddy Dinners" and were balanced meals of whatever he could put together - raw veggies, canned fruit, maybe some olives and cheese....

... so the other night I channeled his culinary skills and presented the family with this: bean and cheese burritos, baby carrots, kalamata olives, and a dab of goat cheese.

Thanks, Dad, for instilling in me the gift of creativity in all parts of my life!

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