Thursday, June 24, 2010

Robin, 4 months

Well, her stats will come in next week, when she has her checkup.  But if the chub on her legs and arms, and her not fitting into anything smaller than 6-9 months is any indication, the kid is growing well.  She's quite animated these days and likes to sing along with us.  The world is such an interesting place, naps are already becoming passe. She sticks her tongue out, blows bubbles, babbles, belly laughs, loves roughhousing (as much as one roughhouses with a 4 month old) and generally charms everyone she meets.

Hair color: still undetermined. But does have some red in it.


Avery said...

Can't wait to meet her!

Amber said...

Whoops, that was me. Avery's excited to meet Robin too, of course.