Monday, January 26, 2009

"an operator is standing by"

There's lots of news on the cell phone front lately, thought I'd throw this story from tonight.  

B was working late, E and I were hanging out, doing Yoga.  (embarrassing video to follow soon) B calls and asks to speak to E.  B is on speaker, E is telling him about his day, telling him what Mama and she are doing. (OK, OK, it's all in baby babble, but it seems to be what she's saying.) E tells B it would be fun to bounce on the chair by slapping it, jumping up and down, chattering excitedly.  It's time for B to go, she says "bye-bye". I hang up.  She grabs the phone, tries to dial, then hands it back to me asking "dada dada dada"... ... 

 Seriously kid, there's no need to figure out the world all at once.

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MissMVK said...

Miss A! It's Meeeee! I don't know why I never thought to comment before and thus you'd have my blog address.

Reid does the same as Miss E. Looks at any phone and says "dadadadada..." It's cute. Great to see you on Friday night!